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Spintron is truly a specialist producer in the area of centrifuges. We provide application solutions many other manufacturers find outside their scope. As well as this custom service, Spintron stocks a broad range of routine, bench top & floor centrifuges available ex stock for immediate delivery.

Spintron is Australia’s largest builder of clinical, specialist and refrigerated centrifuges.

Spintron uses an advanced induction drive system with high imbalance tolerance.

Spintron is Australia’s ONLY producer of refrigerated or custom built, application specific, clinical centrifuges.

Spintron created the first variable speed, INDUCTION drive, bench top centrifuge.

The CEO and our design team have over twenty years experience EACH in service, design and manufacture of centrifuges.

Spintron is seeking distributors in many countries of the world. Should your company be interested please contact us.



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